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Equine Reproduction

The industry of artificial insemination for horses was developed in the early 80’s in Quebec and Canada. His practical nature has proven itself and is no longer to defend. By using the cryogenics, a process which has a real advantage and which will strike you at first glance as you can have the possibility to inseminate several mares with a single ejaculate of your valuable stallion and this, regardless of the season and the distance. In addition, spending less time in the protrusion, the stallions are able to pursue more easily their activities. Additionally, the risks of contamination are immediately stopped.

Over the loss of time incurred by the mating of distant or unproductive animals. Thanks to the innovative structure of the mode of operation of Novacryo, the main drawbacks linked to the so called traditional methods are rejected.

Equine reproduction services

Semen analysis

NOVACRYO will offer this key service throughout the year. It takes one to two weeks of process.

It is important to periodically make a complete semen analysis, particularly for the following reasons :

  • Purchase
  • Regular review for the coupling
  • Artificial insemination treatment
  • Doubt on the fertility of a stallion "Estimation of the number of mares that can be used for mating ;
  • Certain stud-books demand to supply a semen analysis for any new approval

Freezing testing

After a purge at least three ejaculates are frozen then thawed in order to determine if the stallion’s sperm corresponds to the quality criteria.

NOVACRYO is equipped with a high-performance semen analysis, which allows a better quality control of the semen. This service allows measuring with accuracy the various perspectives available to you.

Freezing the semen

The freezing techniques of NOVACRYO are extremly rigorous and respects the sanitary protocole required by the animal inspection agency on an international scale. NOVACRYO is equipped with high performance freezing equipments and is constantly pursuing the latest techhnological breakthroughs.